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Our mission is to build & race the most exquisitely designed automobiles of yesterday with the drivetrain and safety technology of today. We strive to find a balance between vintage design, technology, and affordability allowing the driver an opportunity to experience the feeling of 1960’s racing.


Although most genuine race cars of this era are now beyond the reach of a normal budget, reproduction bodies combine with all new components and drivetrains, allow the driver to experience the thrill of “raw” racing without the excessive electronics, driver-aid “nannies”, and expense. This can all be done while still maintaining overall reliability and safety with today’s engine, fuel, ignition, and drivetrains with today's technology. The focus is and will always be the driver; the car is your tool to become that skilled road race driver. 


Ström Speed was born from the passion for racing and to create a racecar from current automotive and enthusiast suppliers. This creates a unique racing experience that will not deplete your budget, easy to maintain, and provides similar performance capabilities of today’s high performance cars.


We will race all our designs to prove their rigor, and strive to assist or build the best custom racecar of your dreams with the intent of racing. This is why we call our team “Advanced Vintage Autosports”!


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